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Monday, May 1, 2017

Gifting Collection 2017 - Origami Owl

Looking for the perfect Mother's day Gift? The perfect graduation gift? The perfect gift for a Mother-of-be? The perfect gift for a bride and her wedding party? Look no further you can get them all from Origami Owl. With their new Gifting Collection you have everyone covered, even those who don't wear jewelry!

Check out the pictures below & all the goodies on my site.  There is even a SALE section where you can get complete looks at a discounted price.

Are you completely overwhelmed with all the endless possibilities? Well, O2 has you covered! We have starter sets just for you! You can add and remove items to suit your taste. 

And of course I'm more than willing to help you! If you are local to me, you can always come shop from my inventory.


Friday, July 8, 2016

Origami Owl ~ Free Locket Face!!

Bella Weems announced today about an awesome special!! 
A FREE White Enamel Locket Face with any purchase.
 That means you can buy a $5 charm and get the $16 retail value Face for Free! 

As Bella says in her video, the White is so clean and crisp and perfect for summer. And I love it paired with the Rose Gold Base, Charms, and chain.  So classy and elegant. 
Order yours today, no need to do anything special, it will automatically be added to your order. 

Join my VIP group for Christmas in July Specials going on right now. So not only can you receive discounts, you can get the locket face FREE!! 

(This are photos supplied by Origami Owl or Other Designers)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

What comes to mind when you read that? Could it be a career? Your education? Your relationship? Your child? Your dreams?

I think of being a wife, and a mother. The two single hardest things I do every day. And not always that well.  I have been a mother for a little over four years and a wife for three. I struggle constantly with both, but who doesn't? Parenting is hard and living with someone is hard. We both make mistakes and struggle with who we are as individuals and as a couple. I know I would not want to be enjoying this journey with any one other than Josh though. 

This last year has been hard for us. We have struggled with certain things and it got ugly, but we are surviving, more than surviving, we are thriving. I feel as parents and as two halves to a whole, we have become better and stronger. Yes, we still fight and bicker and some days I just wish I could throat punch him (I'm sure he feels the same towards me, lol!) but we are making it. I feel closer with him more than ever and that just grows every day. I was one lucky girl the day I met him.

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

I started this post to be directed towards the new Origami Owl Designer signup incentive and went completely in a different direction, but that is what comes to mind when I read that. My family, my children and my husband are my 'Worth Havings'.

Origami Owl is a company that has made some hard times easier. The commission I made off one party was deposited right as we were in a financial bind and it was a blessing. This has happened more than once. Even if it is that little bit, but just enough, to cover our breakfast date while we are kid free, when normally we would have sat at home and ate Frosted Flakes. Origami Owl is a complete blessing to my family. It is hard work, but with some time and effort (most of which is done on my lunch break, during kids quiet time, or after they go to bed, it is doable. 

For the month of July O2 is offering an extra little incentive to join our O2 family. A chance for you to bless your family, whether financially or just something of your own, or to do with your daughter. Hunter loves helping me with my O2 jewelry and especially wearing her own mini locket. Right now she has the mermaid charm with stardust crystals in it.

Now this is where 'Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy' comes in.

How beautiful and amazing is this leather wrap & Core bracelet?? I am in absolute love!

Not only do you get the silver leather wrap with the inscriptions plaque, you receive the silver CORE bangle with three mementos : Olive the Origami Owl means Dream Big, the Key means Unlocking Your Journey, and the Hope Affirmation Crystal.
What does this saying mean to you? How will it help you tell your story?

By joining my O2 family this month (while supplies last), you will receive this grouping for FREE. That is around a $90 value on top of all the goodies you receive in the starter kit.

Now you know the catch for receiving the bracelet for free, what is going through your mind? 'I don't want to do direct sales. I hate selling things. I would really like to earn some extra income but I don't have the money to start up.'

1. Don't let the direct sale thing stop you. I love Origami Owl and I hate selling things. Ask my mother, I sucked at school fundraisers and girl scout cookies. If it weren't for having a large family, I never would have sold anything. I just love sharing the product. The jewelry is so beautiful it sells itself. AND it has meaning! It tells your personal story! And even if you decide you don't want to sell, why not purchase the kit for multiple ready made gifts (Christmas is just 26 weeks away!) and for a chance to purchase all the amazing charms, lockets, bracelets and earrings at a discounted price? Who knows, you might surprise yourself and make a little money with out even trying.

Now if you are like me you don't have $189 just laying around, and lucky for us Origami Owl realizes this. Just last month they have added a NEW HOSTESS opportunity (see the picture below for more details). Host a JB and earn the funds to purchase your own kit!!  EKK!! I wish this was a possibility when I was waiting to join O2.

Depending on your party totals, O2 will discount your kit, give you FREE jewelry and even half price items! Hold a $1,000 party and receive the kit completely Free ($189 discount will be applied if choosing a high priced kit), the 'Worth Having' bracelet set FREE, $100 your choice FREE product, FOUR half price items, AND the Hostess Exclusive FREE.

Did you get that??
*$100 your choice in product
*Worth Having bracelet set
*Hostess Exclusive
*Starter kit (over $700 retail value)
*Four half price items

ALL for FREE by hosting a Jewelry Bar!! $1000 seems quite intimidating, but if you work with me, you will hit it in no time! Plus, I know your friends would love to help you reach your goal!

I know I just threw a lot of information out there, but I'm just so excited about these new opportunities O2 is throwing out there!!

Want to Sign up right away? Click this link and it will lead you in the right direction.

Want to Host a JB or have more questions? Just shoot me an e-mail , or text or FB message me!

Be sure and join my Origami Owl VIP FB group to get in with specials, drawings and just lots of fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fall Fun

** Apparently I never did anything but add photos and never posted this! So here we go... belated fall fun!

Camie's Fall Pumpkin - Wheat & a corn cob nose! 

This was available for auction during the festival!
Hunter's first Fall Festival Performance
Two of my favorites at Hunter's Fall Festival

A Little Gorilla

Whispering, ' Mom my egg is stuck in my nose'
Happy Halloween - nothing like the ER at 2:30 on Halloween

Witch Doctor!

This cheese face! And shows why we call him Chowder.

Blaine is not impressed with Hunter's photography skills

Health Room Door Decorating

Wrapping up the Boo Boos! 

A first time for everything, our tree up BEFORE Thanksgiving

Hunter did not enjoy her first hair cut
And I ended up cutting off 8 inches!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Back to School - Back to School

...To prove to dad I'm not a fool...
I'm pretty sure I will sing that song every time I hear someone say 'Back to School'. 

This sweet treat started preschool!  She was the kid that cried, the teacher had to hold her while I ran out the room. The next day of class, I don't even think she told me bye. Hunter loves it. She has a fabulous teacher and teacher aide who both say she is doing well.

I love the fact that she goes to preschool in the same school that I work. She is never late! Haha! I think it helps knowing I'm right there and she is comfortable. Maybe a little too comfortable in the office. :-)  She loves to lay  in the floor and color as well.

I'm loving working in the same building this year, no going to different schools, one building of kids to learn. Though I do miss seeing all the kids from last year though. Let me tell you what, being back to school is exhausting and I'm not even teaching kids! Props to those who do!

Blaine is even wore out in the afternoon once we get home. He always needs a second snack (snack #1 he is usually finishing when I pick them up from the sitter), and his drink.

Chowder here misses his sister. It seems he knows when I drop him off at the sitter's house, he will be looking at her or patting her arm, like 'Get her mom, don't forget her.'

Though she loves school, it is only two days a week in the morning for about 3 hours. Taking her back to the sitter was not fun those first few days. I had to try to avoid Blaine seeing me and to run out before Hunter started screaming for me. When we first pulled up the first day, I had already explained to her I had to go back to work and she says 'Mom, I wait here while you go get Blaine." Yeah...it wasn't pretty. But now she is so worn out, she starts to fall asleep on the way there.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy (late) Mother's Day Mum.

I started this post before Mother's Day. I planned on finding old photos of mom and us kids to upload and add to the post. It was going to be a great one, but it never happened. I seem to always have good intentions but never enough time or energy to do everything I want. So here it is, the post that is not finished...

Birthday Parties
Art Projects
Car Rides

My mom was/is always there. When we were young it was in person. Now that I'm older, she is a phone call and for the most part, a short drive away.

My dad was gone Monday morning through Thursday evening every week until I was 20. I have three brothers. I have no idea how she did not lose her mind.

Without meaning to, she set the bar high. I loved my childhood. She was always doing something with us, whether it be a trip to Texas, Memphis, camping or just running to the next sport, it was never dull.

Mom was there for our events from tennis, wrestling, dance, and soccer (and basketball, baseball, cheering, running, scouts, academics). Always decked out in the right colors, and matching accessories.

I do not remember her loosing her cool (well maybe a few times when we were older - high school or older), really yelling even. Though we did get the occasional spanking (we always tried to shoved clean washcloths down our pants) mom enjoyed her job, taking care of us and it showed.

Christopher and I used to fight over who's classroom would she be the Home Room Mother of. She always had great games to play and goodies to give out (thank you Oriental trading and your Chinese finger traps).

****and that was as far as I got, so basically it boils down to how much I love my mum. She is the greatest. We have went through some tough times, but I know she only wants what is best for my brothers and I. She will do anything to help us out of she is able, and has no problems with spending time with her grandchildren. Heck Hunter prefers to stay at her house and never wants to come home once she is there. She doesn't mind driving an hour just to pick up Blaine and Hunter, only to turn right around and take them back to her house, just because it helps me out. 

Mom, you are the best I could ask for, and you are the best Granny I could ask for my children. We Love you. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

My baby turns One.


All mean the same thing. My baby is turning one. Tomorrow is Blaine's first birthday. I have dreaded this day, I have looked forward to this day. Everything seems to get just a little bit easier once they turn one. Others can help with their needs just a little more. And I no longer pump! Whoop! That right there is a celebration. I will of course still pump if needed, but I don't have to worry about it as much. Anyways back to my baby.

This date last year was a Saturday. I had a wedding shower and a birthday party to go to. Josh working so it was just Hunter and I. I remember going to Wal-Mart to purchase a yoga ball and the birthday present. I remember being miserable all day. It was hot and I was exhausted carrying around a two-year old. The wedding shower was about a 45 minute drive and I knew there was no way I could manage that, I was just too uncomfortable. So with regrets I sent Erin a message letting her know this lard butt would not be showing up.

We did however, go to the birthday party. It was a five minute drive from that house and to be honest, I was hoping for a break from watching Hunter while she played with other children. I should have known better. She was glued to my side. She did enjoy herself at Kinley's 4th birthday party though and one of my all time favorite photos was snapped there.
This photo fills me full of warm and fuzzies. It is just precious. The woman touching my belly is my friend Erin's (different Erin from the wedding shower) mom, Kinley's grandma. And I certainly don't look like I feel miserable!

After the party Hunter went to stay the night with her Aunt Amber (good thing too!)  I remember sitting on that yoga ball and it was amazing! I was kicking myself for not buying one sooner though I had not been as uncomfortable as I was that day. It took off the pressure from my hips and lower back. Once I stood up though...

I fell asleep on the couch with Josh around 11, woke and moved to bed at midnight (or maybe it was fell asleep at 10, moved to the bedroom around 11?). Still uncomfortable, but never thought I would be waking in about an hours time in full labor but that's exactly what happened. When I went into labor with Hunter it started slowly, with contractions about 5 minutes apart. I waited an hour to wake Josh, took a shower, packed my bag (yes, packed my bag, while in labor, with my first child). Josh didn't believe me at first with her, we took about 3 hours to leave for the hospital.

Blaine was completely different. It went so much faster. I woke and my contractions were just barely minutes apart. My body had to purge itself of all bad things, from both ends (your welcome). I woke Josh within five minutes of my self waking and I couldn't walk from the living to the bathroom without a contraction. He was so scared I would have that baby at home. But I could not get to the car. There was no way I was shitting my pants. I did however throw up in the car and my luck, my bag had a hole in it.

So from the time I woke and was checked in at the hospital I was already a 9. It went fast! I couldn't wrap my brain around the pain. Caved and got an epidural before my doula in training got there (Hey preggos! If you need a doula, I know a great one! Just let me know and I can get you in contact with her). I hated it! I should have asked for something just to ease some of the pain away. If I would have waited for Jessica she would have suggested that. The nurse then told me she had given me a high dose because of my pain, I wanted no more.

I feel the epidural slowed down my labor, causing my body to not be ready to push until around 4:30. (I was not told this but with how fast everything had went up until that point seemed to come to a stand still.) It seemed to be a repeat of Hunter. He wasn't budging. and to make matters worse, Blaine's heart rate would drop or stop while I rested. When I was pushing he was perfectly fine. I had to roll side to side, they put oxygen on me (even though the nurse said that is pointless). I have never been so scared, I was praying harder than I ever have and was almost to the point of saying just get him out. Make sure my baby is safe, I don't care if I have another c-section. They went ahead and prepped for another C-Section just incase rolling over stopped working and the doctor felt it was best to get him out right away.

I should let you know Hunter was born via cesarean section. I pushed over two hours with her drug free with no change. She was sunny side up and stuck on my pelvic bone (a whole other story but I feel that could have went a little differently). So I was hoping Blaine would be my VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) baby. My doctor was on board from my first appointment but he was not on duty that early morning. The doctor who was on duty was great though. When he came to see how everything was going, he was not concerned with the heart rate issue, said to continue what we were doing.

By this point the epidural had worn off enough I could feel, but it took the edge off. Laying on my back pushing was not getting us anywhere, so the nurses allowed me to use the squat bar since I did have enough feeling in my legs. I squatted, pushed twice and he dropped. I laid back down, they got the doctor and I pushed maybe once, or twice? I'm don't remember, and there he was! My healthy baby boy weighing in at 7 pounds 14 ounces was born via VBAC at 6:10 AM on April 27th, 2014. Over a pound more than was Hunter was. He was perfect.

My first time holding that sweet baby. It was such a different experience than my first. I didn't get to see Hunter until Josh brought her over all pink and clean. I held Blaine in all the grossness. I loved it!

This last year had been hard. Two kids, changing jobs...life is just hard sometimes. Looking back as I feel all gooey and sentimental, I would not change anything (well maybe a few things, but nothing meaningful). I love my family, we work good together. Right now two kids works for us.

Blaine, you have completed my heart from the moment you came into this world. It is amazing how much love a heart can hold. For you, for your sister, and for your daddy. You fit perfectly. I love your squishiness. Thank you for being a chunky baby as your sister never was. I love to nibble on your chunk. I love hearing your giggle when I do. I love watching you with your sister. Watching you bother her and you just laugh, watching her bother you, and she just laughs. Watching you get so proud of yourself when you do something new. Though you sister was never one to put things in her mouth or a climber, you are both. You definitely earned the nickname Chowder. I even love when your orneriness shows. If you are doing sometime you shouldn't or have something in your mouth you shouldn't, I love how you grin when you are caught and take off crawling the other direction. I love how you follow your daddy around. He seems to always think you kids don't like him when you are still little, you have definitely proven otherwise. Just this morning you had to follow him around while he got ready for work. I know your daddy enjoys it, makes him feel special.

Tomorrow my son, you will be a year old. You have no teeth, you have only stood on your own a couple times, you love to eat everything. Seriously, there is not one food you do not like and you also enjoy eating paper. You say mama, bye bye, and night night and lots of random sounds that most likely mean something to you, but we are clueless. You love to wave and clap and laugh with your sister. You love watching the dogs. You are entertained by Koda & Jax for longer than anything else. You also love sleep (thank you thank you thank you!). You also love giving suck-face kisses. I love it too. Happy First Birthday Blaine Garrett.